Are you ready for powerful change?

Hypnosis is a safe, effective and enjoyable way to change from the life you have to the life you want.

It’s a proven way to release old habits, emotions and fears, moving powerfully towards the life you deserve.  It’s not about willpower, it’s not about struggle, it’s about you simply changing your mind.

Of course, to truly change your mind you need to deal with all of the automatic, unconscious thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours that keep you doing what you’re doing. And this is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis bypasses the part of your mind that keeps you stuck in your problems, so you can re-discover the part of your mind that holds the solutions. It’s a way of you comfortably regaining control over those aspects of your life that seem out-of-control right now. Modern neuroscience is now proving what tens-of-thousands of people have already learned for themselves: hypnosis is a powerful tool for making real life changes.

Changes like:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Changing to a healthier lifestyle
  • Finding freedom from fears and phobias
  • Discovering healthy ways to deal with stress
  • Developing discipline and motivation
  • Improving academic and sports performance
  • Building solid self-esteem and confidence
  • Or just getting more pleasure out of life

My name is Derry Cooke

I’m based in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.

 Let’s chat about where you would like your life to be headed and how hypnosis can help you go there.

Call Derry on 027 369 5100 to arrange a free 15 minute telephone consultation.